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Lockets, containers, tea makers, goddesses

My work is inspired by my love of nature and the outdoors here in Colorado.  I enjoy incorporating what nature has created, smooth sensuous rocks into my work.  The quest for each stone is part of the intrigue and the integral piece of the process of transformation that each rock undergoes.  I transform each rock into something not intended by the forces of nature, a container of mementos, ceremonial cups, commemorative jewelry and the ritual of tea making.  The work references memorial ceremonial rituals in our lives.  I work in sterling silver, 18K gold and other nonferrous metals.  The metals are formed, hammered, forged, textured, and finally attached to the rocks in all sorts of intriguing ways.  I enjoy the challenge of this connection and the design of mechanisms used in each piece.  I add tension to my work with the addition of faceted stones and pearls, a clash between the intrinsic and what is perceived as precious or valuable.  I keep my work small in scale to create an intimate feeling between each piece and the viewer.

Each locket is a one of a kind piece, and are made in very limited quantities.  Retail prices range from $600-$1100

Photo by: Joe Mendoza
2 1/2" h x 1 3/4"w on 36" chain
Carved river pebble, sterling,
garnet, on chain
1" h x 1" w on 32" chain
Carved river pebble, cabochon agate,
sterling, fine silver,
garnet, pearls on chain

Shoreline Bracelet

Photography by: Hap Sakwa
2 1/2"h x 2"w
Sterling silver, pearls, sapphires

Tea Ball with Stand

Photo by: Joe Mendoza
$650  Sold
Tea Ball 2 1/2"h x 2"w
Stand 6"h x 4"w
Carved river pebble, sterling silver,
pearls, sapphires, jade


Photo by: Joe Mendoza
Time Line Containers
Carved rocks, sterling,pewter,
faceted stones & found objects
Photo by: Joe Mendoza
Ceremonial Cups  (Private collection)
Carved river pebbles, sterling,
copper, niobium, faceted stones,

Images of Goddesses appeared 20,000 years ago.  Statues of stone, clay, and found objects from nature.  The statues are tiny graceful figures with lines, triangles, circles and special holes carved in them.  I decided to create a series of Goddesses.  The Goddesses are cut and carved from stone with pearls and faceted stones.  The metal used is fabricated sterling silver and forged 18K gold.  This body of work has a dual purpose.  It is jewelry that allows someone to wear their female deity.  When not worn the Goddess is attached to its base and becomes a small divine sculptural piece to adore.  Note:  Prices for my goddesses range from $300-$600, and all shown have been sold.

Bee Goddess

Pendant 2"h x 1/2"w on 20" chain
Pendant on base 6" tall
Sterling, 18K gold, carved carnelian,
pearl, sapphire and cut alley rock for base
Pendant 2"h x 1/2"w on 20" chain
Sterling, 18K gold, carved carnelian,
pearl, & sapphire

Mother Goddess

Brooch 3"h x 1 3/4"w
Brooch on base 7" tall
Sterling silver, carved granite,
agate, citrine and cut alley rock for base
Brooch 3"h x 1 3/4"w
Sterling silver, carved granite,
agate, citrine

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